Monday, April 19, 2010

Week 7

Another great run. The girls are running longer every week. We ran the Queen Street loop today, it is a little shorter than our run last week, but it is more challenging. Lots of hills... the girls keep count.

Run Like a Girl will not be hosting a run on May 9, however, there is the Dorian Simon Mothers Day walk that day. The walk starts at Stittco, it is an out and back to the bottom of the stairs, about 2 miles in total. If the girls want, we can participate in this walk, but run it instead. All family members and friends are welcome to come out. You can pledge some money towards the organizers if you want.

We only have 3 more runs until the end of the session. Our last run after school will be April 28 with the final run May 8 at noon at Stittco.

Wednesday April 21 we will be having our Mum Run at McIsaac. We will meet in the lunch room at 5pm. The girls have chosen our short loop to run, but we will be running it twice, for a total distance of about 2 miles. There will be plenty of walking breaks. I hope to see lots of family and friends come out.

Until next time.

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