Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Week 7-Mum Run

Another great run. I had a hectic day at school and looked forward to running and seeing the group. It's great to see so many parents participating. Hopefully it will be something you can do together for a long time to come.

Next week, the girls and I will run Monday at 4pm as usual. Wednesday at 5pm will be our last run and family is more than welcome to attend. Joanna Ledoux from the RHA will join us and provide some nutritional tips afterwards.

Just a reminder that the Dorian Simon Mothers Day Walk is May 9 at noon. The walk begins at Stittco. I think an event like this is a nice way to end the season. Hopefully the girls gained some fitness and confidence and always, always, RUN LIKE A GIRL!!

Until next time.

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